Detroit Pit Crew is so thankful for “the heroes at DPD who go above and beyond for the pups.” Once at the hospital, Detroit Pit Crew shared news on Bessie’s condition the subsequent day and revealed her condition is extremely poor.

“Her body condition is terrible as she is around 6 months old and weighed in at 14 pounds,” the rescuers write. “We rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital last night where she tested negative for parvo and biopsy results showed that she was dehydrated with a high white blood cell count.”

Obviously, despite the terrible ordeal, Bessie felt much better even after one night of nursing. In one of the photos taken in the hospital, she appeared alert and hopeful.

Soon, Bessie’s health is going to be monitored and she or he will continue together with her medical treatment. Detroit Pit Crew writes, “We are happy to report that overall Bessie is doing better today and she or he is looking forward to her new better life.”